Born in Libreville, Gabonese Désirey Minkoh trained in photography by correspondence to the Higher Institute of Education by Correspondence (ISEC) from Liège, then to Photojournalism at the 2ndEncounters of African Photography in Bamako by the Ecole Supérieure Journalist of Lilles.

He then followed a training on portraiture to the prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieure Louis Lumière in Paris, then to Agence France Presse for editing, processing and transmission photo, in the same city.

Head of the photo service at the "Union" newspaper, from 1996 to 1999, when this service was transferred to digital photography, he then became Photo reporter for 7 years at Agence France Presse (AFP), for Central Africa with interventions in West Africa.

For AFP, Desirey Minkoh has covered in many African conflicts (Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Congo, DRC, Central African Republic, Chad and Darfur), summits of Heads of State, tragedies, but also sports competitions.

His photos have been published in numerous magazines such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, Paris Match, the Express, Young AFRICA Magazine At the same time, he was one of the late President Omar Bongo Ondimba’s photographers and his photos were used during the last presidential campaign of the latter in 2005. He also made photographs of two other Heads of State of Central Africa. Afrikimages Agency, the press agency

In 2005, he created the agency Afrikimages Agency which currently has a dozen photographers in Gabon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Togo and Benin. The goal of this agency is to propose news reports about Africa while offering topics on everyday life. The agency's image bank is currently rich with 30,000 photos.

He has organized several exhibitions both in Gabon and abroad, trains and supervises young photographers and foreigners in his agency - one of whom has become the photographer of a President of the Republic - who come to do internships and artistic residencies

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